Error / Solutions :// In Cube World Beta


The Wandering Wizard
Staff member
Those Still on Windows 7 might find that you are unable to get your game to run! Community has come together for a solution which after the latest patch to the game no longer works. But this is a good sign from the community going forward.

This link is to the ongoing Windows 7 FIX that solves an issue which prevents the game from launching. Currently any mention of this issue on the official forums results in a ban and removal of thread from the community forums!

Let’s talk! Why do you think they are trying to sweep this under the rug? Do you think cubeworld would every be officially supported? Also, how long do you think cubeworld will last in its current format? Id like to sit and talk about these and other pressing issues in this thread you are free to express your feelings without fear of being banned just please keep it pg13 Thanks!

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