I Aspire to be

Alonzo's Goals

From web design to Console Networking i have been developing online in one form or another for over 15 years. Known for my reliable servers and maintenance of both Multi User Console Networks and VOIP servers for years i have ran both with minimal downtime. My career path has grown into the loss prevention sector and i have exceled while picking up new skills i now uses everyday. Reports and investigative techniques learned throughout my years as a loss prevention agent have given me a unique ability to utilize both my techincal skills along with observation and Desculation skills to not only produces stellar stats but also train those around me to repeat my methods resulting in an agent far less likely to make a bad stop. Other hobbies include repairing and rebuilding numerous computers both for Business & Media type Networks and Content creation for Twitch and Youtube patform respectivly. Throughout the years i have also accumulated skills both self taught and learned from accredited colleges as follows