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Alonzo Torres

Alonzo Torres

Hey guys, i go by alot of names in the community like monk3y, mod, dirlay "for those of you that are brave enough". I've been running this community of ours since 2007 through the ups and the downs we have managed to keep modtv1337 going for many years and i don't see this train stopping for many years to come. As a founder of the community i don't see myself as an admin of a community. More like this random (let's face it prone to fits of crazy at times) individual that just so happens to have a ton of online gamers friends. And i prefer it this way so if you want to reach out to me please by all means do so you can find me mostly on discord chatting it up with other individuals like myself! Alonzo's Personal Site.

Community Manager
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Creative Developer

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Development from the forums to the website is all done by one person ( Monk3y aka admin) creative design till we get a more diverse team is all done by Monk3y so please send your suggestions his way! Production of the forums and the site as of 12/6/2017 has moved to a weekly basis expect downtime at least once a week due to moving and consolidation of file. if you notice downtime longer than 48hr please contact the admin via the contact section below or by forums Modtv1337 forums! thank you everyone for your continued support and understanding as the site and community grows.
Downtime will be announced at least a day in advance for more information please visit our forums for the latest up to date info about the site/ community and events. For any unscheduled downtime i apologize but know I'm working hard to resolve any issues as soon as i can. Thank you for supporting the community see you around the community!
As it has been since 2007 we have always been an open community and as such support any and all suggestions to the shape of this community. No one single person is responsible for the amazing community we have today. It's the whole that makes this place special so even if you found us 20 seconds ago YOU have a stake in the community and as such have a voice! contact me via the forums (modtv) or by any of the many ways you can contact our team to throw in your likes and dislikes and what we can do better!

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Hey guys without out you we would not be able to do what we do! So, thank you all for all the support you give and thank you for making this place not just a gaming community but a home on the web for like minded individuals who just so happen to play video games! If you would like to contribute a few extra dollars to our community just hit that paypal logo below! See you guys in-game!

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